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Cori H
At the last minute, I thought I would give James a call before we went on vacation for March break.
I heard that the weather would warm up, and having two dogs, I figured that it might be a good chance to get Super Scoopers in before it snowed again. We came home after a fantastic week of fun in the sun, and if it was even possible, James made my holiday even better. After a 5 hour flight and lugging 8 bags, I came home, looked in my backyard and jumped for joy. I mean, I literaly jumped for joy. There was no dog poop!! James really came through for me, and I couldn't have been more happy. Thank you again, James. You guys are the best!

Angela L
I have two large dogs. I was referred to James Beagle and Super Scoopers earlier this year. I am most satisfied with their service. They are very punctual, fairly priced, and clean up my back yard quickly. I would strongly reccomend Super Scoopers to anyone with pets.

Sandra C
I have been a Super Scoopers Customer close to a year now and wanted to let you know how happy and relieved I have been since using your companies' service. I have a very hectic work schedule that doesn't allow me time every day to clean up my dogs' poop. James Beagle and Super Scoopers provide a professional and improtant service that I really don't know how much I could manage without. My past year as a customer of Super Scoopers Services has allowed me to not worry about the state of my backyard. I look forward to many more years as a Super Scoopers customer and will recommend your services to friends and co-workers with dogs.

Eleannor M
I have used Super Scoopers Services for two years and have been very satisfied. I look forward to continuing with the service. Mr James Beagle has always been very friendly and polite and I have appreciated how careful he is about closing both gates here at my house as he leaves which is very important to me. This shows his excellent service.

Marsha B
I have used James Beagle and Super Scoopers for the past two years and have been nothing but exeptionally pleased with their services. They do the job they were hired to do and do it well. I would not heistate to recommend the services of James Beagle to anyone who would be interested. Mr. Beagle's staff are professional, courteous and above all reliable.

Shari V
I have been using James Beagle and his Super Scoopers Services for nearly three years. James is friendly and reliable and does a good job of cleaning up my yard (I have 3 dogs). I'm so grateful that James provides the service that he does. I am also quite fond of his little dog Boo Boo. He likes to play with my dogs and come in the house for a drink of water. I am quite happy with James and his company.

Fionna M
James Beagle and Supers Scoopers Services has been servicing our back yard for roughly five years. During this time we have found James to be extremely reliable (ie; never missed a week), friendly, and has a good business sense with a customer service focus. We are and always have been extremely satisfied with the level of service provided by Super Scoopers Services.

Murray S
My family and I have been client of James Beagle and his Super Scoopers Services business for over six years now. We have been very pleased with the very reliable and effient service provided by Mr. Beagle and his company during that time. And on the occasions when we have dealt with James Beagle personally, we've found him to be a courteous and responsive businessman.

Helen B
I have received outstanding service from Mr. Beagle and his company for the past seven years and look forward to many more years of doing business with him.

Terry A
Mr. James Beagle, of Supers Scoopers Services has been providing excellent service to my household for over seven years. We have two Dalmatian dogs, and Mr. Beagle has been keeping our yard clean of their waste. His service has always been regular, reliable, efficient and reasonably priced. I have always found Mr. Beagle himself to be friendly, courteous, and professional. I heartily recommend his fine service to anyone with dogs.

Marla S
I have used Super Scoopers Services for about seven years now. My sister recommended Super Scoopers to me, as she was completely satisfied with the service that she received. I have to say that in the past seven years, the service has surpassed anything that I had expected. The reliability and professionalism through the years has been above average. I have spoken, actually chatted with, James Beagle on numerous occassions. I have to say that he is a wonderful person and always has a broad smile on his face. I found him a man of great character. I find that he always performed his work efficiently and he was always there on special occasions as needed. He has always carried out his accounting of his company in a very proficient manner. I found his prices very fair and his work always above what I would expect.

Froukje S
I have used Super Scoopers for over eight years. I have always been completely satisfied with the service and professional attitude of James Beagle. I would not hesitate to recommend him or Super Scoopers and have done so on many occasions.

Lorraine P & "B.Jay" P
I have known Mr. James Beagle and used the services of his company Super Scoopers for a little over eleven years. I have always found Mr. Beagle and his staff to be prompt, courteous, and dependable. When Super Scoopers say they'll be here...THEY ARE HERE!! What an incredibly important and useful service they provide...through rain, shine, sleet, or snow... I would recommend James and the gang anytime.

Marilyn R
James Beagle and Supers Scoopers has provided me service for the last twelve years and continues to do so. Throughout that time, James has always provided a punctual, reliable, thorough, service. He also has been a pleasure to work with. On only one occasion, there was a small problem. James dealt with it expeditiously and fairly. I'm hoping that James will continue his excelent service for many years to come.