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For dog poop clean up and disposal outside the Super Scoopers Service area,Click to Email us.

  • Offer over 35 years of service experience.
  • Clean up & dispose of canine waste only.
  • Close access gates at all times.
  • Require outside access to the property.
  • Provide licensed waste hauling, & disposal.
  • Offer Winter service weather allowing.
  • Request vacation/cancel dates in advance.
  • Require payment within 21 days.
  • Charge, collect, and submit H.S.T. (Tax).
  • Charge $5.00 late payment fee, if payment has not been received within 20 days.
  • Charge $25.00 for payments returned N.S.F.
  • Offer a 10% Senior citizen discount.
  • Offer a 10% Physically challenged discount.
  • Adjust service rates when necessary.

  • Enter any home.( NO INDOOR CLEAN UPS )
  • Enter any home to access the yard.
  • Clean up with unfriendly dog/s in the yard.
  • Service properties with overgrown grass.
  • Climb over gates, fences, or walls.
  • Crawl under decks or tramplines.
  • Use any chemical disinfectants or cleaners.
  • Rinse down or brush any surface.
  • Accept responsibility of keys.
  • Give any dog any kind of treat to eat.
  • Repair acid burned or dead grass.
  • Provide any other property maintenance.
  • Remove or bury dead animal carcasses.
  • Clean up/dispose any other kind of poop.

Our terms:

Payment for a Spring clean up is due at time of service; regular service is billed monthly.

We accept cash, cheque, E-mail money transfers and PayPalŠ payment processing.

Annual advance cash payments are encouraged and receive a 5% customer appreciation discount.

We would like to emphasize the importance of prompt payments for continued uninterrupted service.

All invoices are due upon receipt; if not paid after 20 days a $5.00 late payment fee is charged.

All accounts will be charged a $25.00 administration fee for any and all cheques returned N.S.F.

All accounts 60 days overdue will be refused service until outstanding balance is paid in full.

All accounts 120 days overdue are deemed delinquent and will be subject to civil litigation.

H.S.T. is charged separately, Super Scoopers Services H.S.T. # is displayed on all invoices.

City Of Toronto Summer Service Rates

Toronto Premium Days (Most Popular Choice)
Wednesday - Friday 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Weekly $15.00 $22.50 $30.00
Twice Weekly $27.50 $33.75 $55.00
Every Two Weeks $27.50 $40.00 $55.00
Monthly $50.00 $80.00 $110.00

Toronto Discount Days (City of Toronto only)
Monday/Tuesday 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Weekly $13.75 $20.50 $27.50
Every Two Weeks $25.00 $37.00 $50.00
Monthly $45.00 $75.00 $100.00

Mississauga & Richmond Hill (not all areas)
Wednesday/Thursday 1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Weekly $16.50 $25.00 $35.00
Twice Weekly N/A N/A N/A
Every Two Weeks $30.00 $45.00 $65.00
Monthly $65.00 $95.00 $135.00

Remember - Seniors Save 10%

Super Scoopers Services Inc. is Licensed by
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment,
has Commercial Liability Insurance ($2M)
and is registered with the W.S.I.B. of Ontario.

You are paying for Super Scoopers to:

- drive a service truck to the property.
- locate and clean up the dog poop.
- load the dog poop on to the truck.
- clean the tools used for the clean up.
- transport the dog poop to a disposal facility.
- unload the dog poop and pay the disposal fee.
- prepare and provide the invoice for the service.



Leaves, snow, ice and sometimes water will prevent us from doing a complete clean up.
A second, or third, clean up may be required.

Rates are based on, how many dogs you have, and amount of dog poop there is to clean up,
property size, location and surface condition,
the cost of labour, fuel and disposal fees.

All rates are subject to the Federal 13% H.S.T.

Spring Cleaning
One time Cash Only!

Payment is required,
the day of service.

In advance by PayPal,
or online bank Interac money transfer.
ADD 13% H.S.T.
Average spring clean up for 1 dog is $150.00. Minimum charge is $50.00 for small clean ups. You are charged for the amount of dog poop that is collected at the time of service, NOT BY TIME. The rate includes licensed transport and disposal of waste.
Buckets 4 You
Save 25%
We will provide do-it-your-self scoopers, buckets to contain and store dog poop, for weekly or twice weekly bucket pick up and replacement, at a reduced rate, for those who are concerned about daily clean up and disposal options.
Bagged By You
$50.00 per bag
(green garbage bags)

WE ACCEPT pre-bagged dog poop. DOG POOP MUST BE THE ONLY WASTE in the bags. We reserve the right NOT TO OFFER SERVICE if the bags contain OTHER WASTE, and or the bags are ripped open, leaking, frozen, to heavy or un-manageable.
Cancellation We reserve the right to cancel service, any time without notice.