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 ???? and Answers

How many tons do we collect? And to whom could we possibly give it?

 Word of Mouth

What is it like not having to scoop poop? Many dog lovers will tell you exactly how they feel about rover's left overs.

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 Dog Poop Shop

Take a look into the world of dog poop...
How much for how much?   (Price per pail)

Pay for only the amount of dog poop cleaned up.

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Dog Poop Disappears   (Before & after)

Not all dog poop is created equal see some examples

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Spring Dog Poop Clean Up  (Dog Dirt Alert!)

When is the right time to scoop your dog's poop?

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Winter Dog Poop Clean Up   (Snow, Ice, Poopsicles)

Scooping dog poop in the Winter is risky business...

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More to come...

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