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How many tons do we collect? And to whom could we possibly give it?

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You asked ...

Q. Is my name really Beagle!? ( Ruff life, eh!? )
A. Yes! Litter-ally speaking. Born and bred, third generation.

Q. Where do you dispose of __it!? (a wizard waves a magic wand...poof !)
A. Toronto operated waste transfer stations.

Q. How do you pick __it up? (with bare hands of course - how do you doo!)
A. Piece by piece, lawn by lawn, ton by ton, sound like fun!?

Q. How many tons? (imagine what a diaper dump looks like!)
A. Summer: 600 pounds/wk Spring: 600 pounds/day...and growing.

Q. Can __it be recycled? (is __it not recycled enough already?)
A. Takes to long. Stinks too much. Bugs. Bacteria/viruses. But ... it is possible.

Q. How is business? (gone to the dogs , and always picking up!)
A. Over 35 years and growing every day. There's the best, then ,there's the rest.

Q. Did you think of the idea!? (every dog owner is ,or should be, a super scooper!)
A. Market survey 1982. First customer April 1983. Business established 1985.

Q. Why did you start this kind of business ( the smell of success...would'nt you?)
A. Wanted to do something unique in Toronto and did!

Q. Competition? (700 recognized operators worldwide.)
A. Three operators in direct competition. I'm very happy to say.

Q. Is there anything that can be done about grass damage. (doggonit!)
A. Re-sod, grow from seed, check out "H2Organic" at

Q. Can I train my dog to go in one area? (try
A. Yes! Time, patience, training, discipline, and daily scooping is required.

Q. Does size of dog make a difference? (seen a Wolfhound's food bill lately?)
A. Big ones are easier to see. Small ones are hard to find. Follow your nose!

Q. What causes loose or wet stool!? (metal stools never become loose or wet!)
A. Puppies are developing, food brand or ingredient, health, aging process.

Q. What is the best surface for a dog run? (as big a surface to run on as possible!)
A. Dirt and grass. Gravel, Riverstone or woodchips are the worst to dig -- it out of.

Q. Why does my dog eat poop? (lean, mean, eating machine!)
A. Still hungry, malnourished as a pup, not digested, likes it! (see vet)