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 ???? and Answers

How many tons do we collect? And to whom could we possibly give it?

 Stop the Press

View the Chief Scooper's amazing television interviews.

 Dog Poop Shop

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Pet Project   (Life Network, August, 1999)

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National News, Rob Davidson   (Global TV, April, 2000)

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Breakfast TV with Anne Rohmer   (City TV, February, 2002)

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House Calls   (Toronto Life, February, 2001)

A few short weeks will bring the warm, melting rays of spring, which means a special hell for dog owners. ...

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It's a doggone dirty job, but...   (Toronto Star, September 7, 2002)

This job really leaves you pooped at the end of the day. James Beagle spends his working hours sniffing around Toronto's back yards looking for doggy doo ...

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Spring cleaning   (Toronto Star, March 27, 2003)

When the white stuff goes, all is revealed especially what the family dog has been doing on those daily visits to the backyard. It's not pretty. ...

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Mississauga Ice Dogs   (Hershey Centre February 19, 2006)

Fun for all and all for Fun! Their First Annual Dog Day Hockey Game!
Super Scoopers was there just in case! Even on the ice during the Parade of Dogs!