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What is it like not having to scoop poop? Many dog lovers will tell you exactly how they feel about rover's left overs.

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Your dog's business is our business since 1985.
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Professional Pooper Scoopers at your service! Dedicated to scooping up dog poop for you and encouraging responsible pet care in the Greater Toronto Area since 1985. Contact Us to see who does your area!

Affordable, dependable clean up and licensed disposal of all your dog's poop. Your dog poop scooping service is available weekly, twice weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or spring clean up only! Poop scooping when you go away. Weekly clean up starts at $13.75 for 1 dog on Monday or Tuesday
(Monday or Tuesday service available in Toronto only)

You may be wondering, "what would my rate be?" Your special rate for dog poop scooping and disposal is based on your needs. Super Scoopers offers you Dog poop scooping on demand. When you need your dog poop scooped up and disposed of call Super Scoopers 416-759-0702.

Call NOW! Reserve your Spring Clean Up service. First come first served! YES! We will come and clean up all that mess! Sit back, relax and have a nap! POOF! We make the dog poop disappear! Out of sight, out of mind! Easy!

Winter dog poop scooping is available to dog owners in the City of Toronto, York, East York, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke.

Complete Customer Satisfaction! Guaranteed! You will not be disappointed! Your dog's business is our business, since 1985! Thousands of satisfied customers and TONS of dog poop scooped per year!

ORDER DOG POOP SCOOPING SERVICE by phone, E-mail, or Online Now!
A contract is not required. Call or E-mail any time to cancel or suspend service. Regular service is billed for monthly, payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Your payment choices are Cash, cheques or E-mail Money Transfers and PayPalŠ Credit Card processing! Pay for 6 months save 5%!
A 10% discount is available for seniors and physically challenged people.
Cash Payment is required at time of service for all large Spring clean up jobs.

We know you care about your environment. Super Scoopers Services is licensed with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to safely transport and dispose of your dog poop. Please contact us for dog poop disposal options in your area 416-759-0702.

Please Pick Up after your pet or contact Super Scoopers to doo it for you!

Dog Poop, Dog Poop, and more Dog Poop!

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Dog Poop, Dog Poop, and more Dog Poop!

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